Vi-Slim Metab-Awake!

Ill give you my review on the new Vi-Slim metabolism boosters and then you can read the ingredients and “technical” stuff. haha! Im a try before you buy kinda girl so when my girlfriend had ordered some, she so kindly let me borrow one and try it out. I didnt want anything that felt like hydroxycut or those “weightloss pills” that make you all energetic and feeling like your heart is going to beat out of your body and then when it wears off, you crash… HARD! So… after trying this one day, I was VERY pleased! I didnt seem to be hungry at all that day, maybe it was just because I felt so good. It was like a great coffee to get the day going. I wasnt shaky, wasnt talking 90mph and just overall, felt alert and accomplished. Ive ordered some and will definitely follow up on my progress.


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What’s in Vi-Slim Metab-Awake?
1. Proprietary Ephedra-free formula.
2. Contains the only patented, clinical research validated form of Coleus Forskohlii
extract in the world! This patented phytonutrient extract has been clinically proven
to help promote lean body mass, and enhance mood.
3. Yerba Mate and Cocoa Extract to get your metabolism running,
support energy, and enhance mood.
4. Green Tea Polyphenols for metabolism support!
5. ForsLean™ clinically proven to burn fat and promote lean muscle mass
6. Chocoamine™, a cocoa extract that helps support your metabolism
and increase energy
7. Evodiamine extract increases metabolic rate and helps burn fat.

Why is Vi-Slim better than others?
1. Ephedra and stimulant free. Won’t cause jitters that other brands can.
2. Helps support your body’s natural fat burning process.
3. Can help you lose up to an extra 10–15 pounds per year.
4. Can be used to lose or maintain weight.
5. Contains Yerba Mate extract, a powerful herbal antioxidant.




PS ———–> I know its a lot of money, but if you are serious Visalus Shake user… Amazon has a really great deal right now. Get your Visalus shakes, vi-slim, vi-trim, a box of those energy flavor packets, AND the vi-pack omega vitals. You save like over $100 bucks and FREE SHIPPING so yeah, its a GREAT deal ;) …. Youre welcome!

ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge Transformation Kit Extreme Weight Loss

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