Thought I would share some more of my favorites! Yall know Im a huge PB2 fan but theyve stepped it up with the different flavors! Very good! You wont be disappointed! =) (ive linked to them on amazon.com … sometimes its harder to find in stores and amazon has cheaper prices)



Made with only the finest, natural peanut butter, honey and mouth-watering flavor favorites, PB Crave spreads excitement with every bite.

We usehigh-quality ingredients, proven processes and cutting-edge innovation to craft dizzying blends of unique flavors that transform everyday taste into a tantalizing, healthy treat,natural, made with US grown peanuts.

No hydrogenated oil; Cholestrol free; No trans fat

Gluten free

No added sugar

Natural, made with US grown peanuts

Its great to find a healthy food that its all natural, made in the USA, and they even have there nutrional facts posted in the images so you can see for yourself. One of my favs! Its tough to find in stores so I order from Amazon.. PB Crave 3 Flavor Variety Pack

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