Visalus Nutra Cookies

Visalus Nutra-Cookie

Chocolate Chip – Oatmeal Raisin – Peanut Butter

These delicious, all-natural, cookies are the perfect mini meal the whole family can enjoy! Made with our exclusive Tri-SorbTM protein system, prebotics and fiber, and antioxidants, these cookies support a healthy immune system, healthy digestive system, and help curb your appetite. Eat one cookie for a healthy snack, or two cookies for a meal replacement that won’t leave you hungry or feeling unsatisfied.




Great as a Snack: Eat one Nutra-Cookie for a delicious protein snack with fiber to help keep you from feeling hungry between meals. It?s the perfect on the go snack!Meal Replacement: Eat two Nutra-Cookies in place of a meal or have one Nutra-Cookie with a delicious Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mixed with water. For added weight management support add Vi-Slim to help boost yourmetabolism and Vi-Trim to help you control hunger.

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